Built in 1972, the sports centre with its indoor swimming pool is located in the centre of Leonberg. The first construction phase involved the redevelopment of the sports halls and bathing hall with adjoining rooms and technical installations room, as well as the adaptation of the outdoor facilities. The sauna area is now to be restructured and completely refurbished during the second phase. The characteristic triangular shape of the bathing hall continues to define the building complex from the outside, while the internal layout of the rooms and routes have been improved. The entrance situation with cash desk and the redesigned bistro have been optimized and given a more friendly atmosphere. The position and function of the bathing hall and the two sports halls have remained unchanged. The changing rooms and the access area to the bathing hall along with the sanitary areas of the sports halls have been completely stripped down to the building shell, while the ceilings, walls and floors have been brought up to modern standards.

Further impressions of the project you will find under 4a Architekten